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All website addresses must start with "http://"


*Reminder: BOTH Homework 2 forms (TEXT & MEDIA)  are due one week after your 'VIBE' Meeting!

  1. Call me, Beep me, If ya wanna reach me...

Fill in your contact info!

Let visitors to your site know how you’d like them to reach out to you.  Some clients put it all out there. Other clients only put their business representative/agent’s information online. There's no right all depends on how public/private you’d like your business info to be. 


👉 TO DO: Fill in the contact info you’d like visible on your website. Feel free to leave boxes blank. **ANYTHING YOU WRITE HERE WE WILL PUT ON YOUR WEBSITE!**

Your Personal Contact Info (on the website)

Agency or Manager Contact Info (if you have representation)

2. Getting to Know You...

Tell me a little about yourself!

YOUR BIO doesn’t have to be more than 3 sentences, but it can also be as long as you want! We may not end up using a bio (some clients prefer not to have one) but even so, please upload one here for ME! It helps to get an idea of your brand, and vision for yourself through YOUR WORDS. In this way I can get a sense of how to best represent your unique identity online! 


Stumped? Try following the format in the image below. You can also check out bios on our other actor websites by visiting to get a sense of how people infuse their specific personality into these little blurbs! 


👉 TO DO: Write a bio, regardless of whether you want it on your site!

3. Social Butterfly...

Share those social media links!

List any social media URLs that you want to link to on your website. If there are any you don't want on your website, please don't add them here!. :)

4. Swag Statements

Get your voice out there, man.

Do you have any catchphrases, words, quotes that you use often or that really speak to you? Some examples to spark you: 


Fancy AF

sup dude


livin’ the dream

smart, tart, dry as a martini

raising frequency

I make art

your favorite short poem, quote, etc… 


We may use these to give your site personality. Regardless, it helps us understand the lingo you use, so your site comes from your distinct perspective. Nothing comes to mind here? No worries!!


👉 TO DO: Write any words or phrases you use often or love that represent you and your brand!

Pick your domain! (or list it here if you already own one)

Start brainstorming some Domain Name options! Fingers crossed your top URL is still available... but give yourself a few options just in case! You can see if your website domain is available by visiting WWW.NAME.COM, or I can check this out for you myself! For actors, it’s usually best to make this your first and last name, and avoid dashes if possible. If your first and last name isn’t available, or if you have a difficult name to spell, you might consider using your initial or a cute short phrase instead (i.e 


👉 TO DO: Pick your top 3 domain names! 


Bonus points if you check them out on to make sure they are available and not $1200. ;) 

6. You're my Lucky Charm...

List and/or Upload some icons or symbols!

Do you have a favorite animal, icon, symbol, or graphic you identify with? We may use ideas from here to help customize the buttons or graphics on your site. This is an opportunity to show a little personality and differentiate yourself from the crowd! 


Other clients have connected to flamingos, charm bracelets, tigers, diamonds, confetti, sunflowers, lightning bolts, the peace sign, piano, skull and crossbones, lipstick, crystals,  etc. Anything you might like as a personalized graphic on your site! Nothing comes to mind? That’s ok too! 


👉 TO DO: List any icons or symbols you love, or feel like represents your personality! 

Upload File
Upload File

7. Color me Creative...

List your favorite colors!

What colors would you love or hate to see on your site? Think about colors that look good on you when you wear them - since they will be the backdrop for your headshots. Any colors that make you gag on sight? 


👉 TO DO: List colors you’d love/hate as backgrounds on your site. 

9. What Else Ya Got?!

List anything we need to know, or may have missed!

Is there anything else that we talked about in our Vibe Meeting that you don't see a space for above? This would be the time to add:

  • reviews / testimonials

  • info for additional pages we talked about

  • additional thoughts or dreams for your brand new customized website!


We want to get it perfect, so no amount of info is too much!! ;) LAY IT ON US!!!

*If you're uploading reviews or testimonials about you/your business, we suggest compiling them all into one document - Word, Pages, whatever is easiest for you! Extra Credit: BOLD the things you really like, and make sure to include who wrote each one and their qualifiers (the publisher, their position, etc), if applicable.


👉 TO DO: Upload any files / additional documents...or write in the box below.

Upload File
Upload File


You rock! Your files finished uploading.

You’re halfway through Homework 2!

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