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  1. Downlooooooading...

Upload so your visitors can Download!

These files will be the ones casting directors can download directly from your site. This should be the one headshot and one resume you bring into the room most often. 


👉 TO DO: Upload your main headshot and main resume PDF. 

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2. Show Me the Money(shots)

Upload your featured photos!

Upload up to 10 of your best photos. A selection of these will be used throughout your site as FEATURED PHOTOS. Any orientation or crop is fine here - include a variety if possible. Try to show a range of your personality! This can be a mix of production shots, headshots, lifestyle/indie pics, hi-res instagram photos (NOT screenshots, we need the original pic in your phone), etc - anything you feel tells the unique story of YOU!


*No need to upload any photos you already sent us in Homework 1!*


👉 TO DO: Upload up to 10 photos to be featured throughout your site. 

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3. Pose for the Camera, Darling...

Upload any gallery pics!

These photos will be displayed in customized galleries on your media page. Up to two separate galleries are included in your package (additional galleries can be added for an extra charge). See some ideas below:

  • Headshots

  • Production Photos

  • Lifestyle or Indie Pics (natural snaps of you just being YOU)

  • Hi-res Instagram photos (ORIGINAL photos from your phone/camera only…screenshots are too low-res!)

👉 TO DO: Upload any remaining photos you’d like in your photo galleries.

Keep going!


You're halfway there!

4. Title Wave...

Give your photo galleries a title!

What would you like the above galleries to be called? Most clients only need two galleries - one for Headshots, and one for Production Photos.  Others prefer to mix and match all their photos into one main gallery. Feel free to use cheeky terms here too - like "Pics of My Face!, On Set, In Action, or My Life In Photos". 


👉 TO DO: Tell us how many galleries you’d like, and give each one a unique name!


5. Got Vids? Let's Roll...

Upload your video files & links!

Do you have videos of you or your work you’d like to share? This is a great way to engage visitors and show casting directors your work in action! Track down those obscure Youtube links! Search for the Vimeo URLs of that one commercial you filmed! We'll take it all - a news segment your cast was interviewed on, an intro or slate video of you, a demo reel, or even your favorite clips from class. 


Need help editing these videos or putting a reel together? We offer this at a discounted rate to our website clients…shoot us an email to get a quote!


👉 TO DO: Upload any videos you’d like featured on your media page.

6. Extra, Extra...

Upload your News items!

Do you want a ‘NEWS’ section? Once we launch your website, you can upload your news items yourself at any time using our handy tutorial videos - OR if you’d prefer we handle this for you, add the info here and we will take care of everything for $10 per news item. 


Our 10+years of experience tells us most visitors will only want to know the minimum - the WHAT, WHERE, & WHO.


If NO – congratulations!! You’re finished with Homework 2, so CLICK HERE to skip to the SUBMIT button!


If we are adding news items for you...

Fill out each new items' information below:

Upload Photo
Upload supported file (Max 15MB)
Upload Photo
Upload supported file (Max 15MB)
Upload Photo
Upload supported file (Max 15MB)
Upload Photo
Upload supported file (Max 15MB)
Upload Photo
Upload supported file (Max 15MB)
Upload Photo
Upload supported file (Max 15MB)
Upload Photo
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Need to add more than seven (7) news items? EMAIL US with the above info for each additional entry!



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