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What's Your Vibe?
  1. Dream On…

Find 2-3 websites that really speak to you!

Do some research online and poke around some websites of artists that inspire you! Peers, celebrities, people who do what you do - or even those totally unrelated to your business: any websites that you connect with in some way. This could be design, layout, colors, overall vibe/personality, use of text, graphics, etc. Doing this will really allow me to get a sense of what you’re imagining for your own site...and may help you start thinking about it, too! 


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2. "You" in a nutshell...

Choose your main photo

This will be the first thing visitors see when they view your site! This photo could be a headshot, lifestyle, full body shot… whatever you feel best represents your brand. Most importantly, it should show your personality and have that *spark*! Landscape oriented (horizontal) photos are usually best when possible.


👉 TO DO: Upload up to 5 of your FAVORITE high-resolution Main Photo options (ideally at least 500KB).



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3. Discover Your Inner Vibe

You in 3 words

Choose three adjectives to describe yourself as an artist that represent what YOU bring to the market (ie. "flirty, earthy, inquisitive"). The more unique and authentic you can be, the better! If you’re having trouble, ask a few close friends who know you/your work.


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